Monday, April 18, 2011

Seo tutorial


We have listed some of the most important things and recommendations which are necessary to know when doing SEO for your website.

Meta Name Guidelines
To understand the guidelines of the meta name tags is most important for optimization of your website. Meta names play a major roll to rank well in search engines. The content and title tag is the most important factor when optimizing your website. We try to cover all these different requirements, which is because of its diversity not easy...
» Meta Name Guidelines

Title Tag
The title in the head of your code is the most important element of your website. This is the place, where to put your keywords or search terms. You enter those keywords the users will use, to find your kind of business or services, when searching the web. Also keep in mind that the title is displayed in the left top bar of the browser window and is visible to your visitors...
» Title Tag

Description Tag
The description tag is one of the meta data. This tag has no effect on the ranking of your site in search engines. The search engine will read the description tag of the website and display it under the listing. It's recommended to use descriptive description about the services or products you provide to make the user click on your listing in the search results...
» Description Tag

Keyword Tag
In this section we will talk about the keyword meta tag that you insert into the head of your HTML code. How important is this tag? Most of the consultants in the SEO world say, that it has no impact on ranking results. The cause of this is that many people misused this tag in the past to spam search engines with a large amount of keywords and stuffing them excessively...
» Keyword Tag

All Meta Tags
If you would like to know what kind of neta tags are available you're at the right address. SEO-WATCH is up to date and well informed about what is new and what is old on the Internet. Here we will list only the most important tags which you should have inside your HTML code, this will tell the search engines how to handle your website...
» All Meta Tags

Robots Meta Tags
What are robot meta tags and how do they look like and how can you use it? Webmasters and search engine optimization companies make standard use of this meta tag. The tags help you to tell search engines which pages they should index and which ones not. You can place them were you want in your meta data section...
» Robots Meta Tags

Google Commands
These special commands can help you when doing search engine optimization in Google. Typically these commands modify the search results in some way or even tell Google to do a totally different type of search, for example "link:" is a special Google command, and the query will only show websites that will link to your site...
» Google Commands

Create a Mailform
Below we have listed an example how to create a mailform for your website. You can use it for your contact or any other page you require. It's a really basic one for free which requires 4 files only, easy setup and install...????
» Create a Mailform

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