Monday, April 18, 2011

internet branding - online corporate brand image


We offer firms the development of web applications true to the corporate brand image and branding for the Internet. Visual Orange covers all required activities, to target successfully the global audience and to conduct business worldwide on the web. The >> branding services we offer, consider all your major fields of brand communication, when taking you online.

How to conduct branding on the Internet and online marketing properly and how to avoid pitfalls, is presented throughout the site. Visual Orange proved to be a source of information for students, studying marketing and practicing marketers, this is why we took our site one step further, re-structured the Visual Orange web site and re-designed it, to provide the content people were attracted to and which supports them most. Our field of expertise is the Internet and specifically internet branding applied during development and web site design for small and medium sized companies.

Each person that plans to have a web site to present the company loyal to the corporate brand image online and is interested in how to get the most out of a site that the business can benefit from it, is now able to access detailed information about what is required and what needs to be done. Misconceptions rule when the online presence is on focus. Going online means work there is no system which makes money for you without proper investment or maintenance and online marketing.

What is really important and how-to protect a brand online is a controversial theme and when browsing the internet and looking at web sites be it small firms or be it large enterprises, we can see that online branding must be also a confusing one. We hope that we can contribute through sharing knowledge and that you might benefit from it. How to push the site into >> top positions of search engines takes much effort, time and is mostly costly. The internet is a market place and advertisement and promotion is necessary to make a web site profitable. There is no other way or your visitor numbers will stay below expectations.

Branding is focused on creating customer loyalty

All communication channels have to be true to the brands image and have to be aligned with the perspectives of the company and its business goals and additionally cover the needs, wants and expectations of your clients, to be successful.

Corporate branding is the all encompassing parameter of your business and is composed of many elements that are related, yet distinctly different. Branding serves one purpose:
to evoke positive responses of the target group (I like it)
to generate customer loyalty (my brand)
to expand the number of loyal clients
to present the brand consistent throughout all available media channels.
Your >> corporate web site design, presenting you globally, is just as important as the printed material of your firm, in the form of catalogs and brochures or the presentation internally on the intranet. The interior design of your office/store is not less important than the packaging of your products. All this presents and projects your brand image and as such, you will be memorized, classified and recognized by the public, your partners/affiliates and your clientele.

We focus on the establishment of the brand online and by creating an additional value to the brand portfolio. A web site is a corporate asset and can achieve great value if >> web site management is properly executed and >> online marketing strategy is handled with knowledge of the technical aspects of the Internet. Satisfying users' needs, expectations and wants must be given absolute priority.

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