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Wakatobi Resort in Ecotourism Resort Awarded the Best in the World

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WARN Earth Day on March 31, 2012, CNNgo travel sites list hotels and inns throughout the world's best ecotourism. Amazingly, Wakatobi Dive Resort in Wakatobi, Indonesia, also included in the list.

The resort is in South Sulawesi was called as a resort with one of the best diving sites around the world, which also continues to focus on issues of marine conservation and community development. "Wakatobi Dive Resort to help the environment around it, preventing the surrounding coral reefs damaged," said Justin Francis, founder responsibletravel, tourist sites are also able to assess how this resort hotel on the list of world's best ecotourism.

"The resort employs 150 local people and creating a program Collaborative Community Based Reef Management, which is made ​​of coral reef sanctuary," said Justin again.

Surrounding villages also receive financial incentives to improve their infrastructure. Other contributions from this resort is for educational and strengthen local support to protect the precious marine life in the region. Currently, the conservation program to protect more than 22 miles of coral reefs in the region.

Any guests staying at this resort can explore an underwater paradise Wakatobi is located just a few minutes from the resort so it did not take long to get there. Also in this resort are rented boat rentals, as well as diving equipment. There are also spa facilities to pamper yourself after a weary dive in the sea.
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The Vanishing Painting Leonardo da Vinci Answered

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MILAN - After more than 30 years of searching for mural painting of Leonardo da Vinci's long lost, Maurizio Seracini found evidence that the legendary mural was hidden in the wall where he painted in 1503.

Some time ago, Seracini and his colleagues report that they have found chemical evidence that the painting titled The Battle of Anghiari work of da Vinci, was behind a mural younger.

The Battle of Anghiari a mural depicting the work of da Vinci battle between Milan and the Italian League-led Republic of Florence, in the field in 1440 Aghiari ago.

Mural is in the Palazzo Vecchio's Hall of the 500 (Florence town hall), then in 1563 lost and art historians argue that the work was destroyed when Giorgio Vasari's hall remodel. Vasari to paint six murals along the walls of the new hall from east to west.

Proclaimed Live Science, Friday (03/16/2012), a new mural was made by Vasari did not destroy it. An evidence reveals that da Vinci's mural covered only by a mural titled The Battle of Marciano work of Vasari.

To see the mural behind Vasari's work, researchers led by investigators Seracini entering the camera through the six-point, by choosing a position that will not break Vasari painting.

"Although we are still in the early stages of research and there is still much to be done to solve this mystery, evidence has shown that we are not misplaced," said Seracini which is the Founding Director of the Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology at the University of California San Diego.

Support the hypothesis of the location of da Vinci painting, Seracini and his group reported four evidence. First, one of which successfully obtained a sample containing a black material that has a chemical composition similar to the black pigment on the painting of Mona Lisa and St. Petersburg. John the Baptist.

Second, fragments of red material found estimated that consists of organic matter associated with varnish. Third, through the high definition image obtained by surveillance cameras, investigators found a cream-colored material on the original wall, and they can only be made with a paint brush.

Finally, the researchers confirmed the spaces left between the brick wall where the mural work of Vasari, the wall behind him. It has also been found in an earlier study using a radar scanner. (FMH)
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To Keep Customers, Brick-And-Mortar Stores Look To Smartphones

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Best Buy must live in fear of shoppers like Ave Lising. He and a group of friends walk through the Stanford mall in Palo Alto, Calif., their cellphones clutched in their hands.
Lising visited the electronics retailer recently, shopping for a video game.
"I went to Best Buy [and] looked at the price," Lising says. "I was like, 'Ehh — I'm sure I can find this cheaper online.' "
So he whipped out his smartphone and scanned the barcode, found it cheaper and ... no sale for Best Buy.
There's a word for that kind of in-store comparison shopping: "showrooming."
Bryan Wargo, co-founder of a startup called Nearbuy Systems, says everyone in retail "knows they're being showroomed. But they don't know by who, for what products, when it's happening [or] what kind of consumer does that."
A mobile shopping revolution is under way, and brick-and-mortar retailers are worried.
Consumers using smartphones and tablets are changing the way stores market, set prices and track customer tastes — leaving mobile technologies poised to roil the $4 trillion U.S. retail industry.
Learning More About Brick-and-Mortar Shoppers
When you shop online, marketers are following your every click. But when you walk into a store they know almost nothing about you.
That detailed information about in-store shoppers is exactly what retailers want.
A screen shot from a Nearbuy Systems demo video shows how the company's technology can help retailers track where consumers are in a store.
Nearbuy Systems/YouTube A screen shot from a Nearbuy Systems demo video shows how the company's technology can help retailers track where consumers are in a store.
Wargo's company is using mobile technology to try to give it to merchants. Inside a drafty warehouse in Menlo Park, less than a mile from Facebook's sprawling new headquarters, Nearbuy has created a mockup of a big-box retail store.
There are fake shelves — the floor is laid out in a grid with blue masking tape — and there's a network of security cameras overhead. But instead of tracking real customers around the space, they're tracking a group of little robots.
The robots spend hours cruising around, towing cardboard cutouts of a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett from Star Wars, both holding iPhones.
Wargo and Nearbuy co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Marc Jamtgaard are using their technology to track the Stormtroopers — or real people — to within a couple feet of where they're standing.
"It's tracking my iPhone right now, so it is using Wi-Fi, which gives us about 10 meters of accuracy," Jamtgaard says. And because Wi-Fi is often imprecise, "we are augmenting that with the video surveillance system that is in this warehouse," Jamtgaard says.
"Our challenge was, take what we already have, and most stores have — Wi-Fi and ... video for security and things — and mix those two signals together to create something that is more accurate," Wargo says.
Retailers could use this technology to build apps to guide customers through their store aisles to specific products, or even deliver discounts and coupons based on where people are standing in any particular store.
"The vision everyone has for this technology is that you walk in front of the soda. And then Coke and Pepsi in the background are going to bid up to see who can send you that coupon," Wargo says.
This kind of technology could also let stores know if you are on your phone checking prices — or even buying something from a competitor.
In other words, it could give those retailers who are being showroomed a fighting chance to win back your business before you walk out.
In short, it could save you money.
But, as Wargo says, "people need to opt-in. People need agree to be tracked or provide location-based services, or else we're not going to do it."
A Fine Line Between Convenience And 'Creepy'
These kinds of technologies "are really walking a fine line," says Julie Ask, a mobile marketing guru at Forrester Research.
Ask says most new mobile shopping apps are making more or less the same bargain with their customers, trying to strike a balance between using the information they're collecting "in a way ... that makes me smile and say, 'Yeah, you know, I'm having a better day; I like this,' — versus something that seems creepy, as if I am being watched or followed," she says.
And when companies get this trade-off right, she says, consumers love it. She's totally comfortable, for example, scanning her prescriptions into a mobile app created by Walgreens. "It's about refilling a prescription in less than 20 seconds," she says.
Back at the Stanford mall, Lising and his friends agree. They like the idea of the Fandango app that tracks users everywhere they go, to tell them nearby movies that will start within an hour. "That would be helpful for sure," they say.
Like Lising, most customers are comfortable giving up all sorts of sensitive information if they feel like it is being used to help them — and if they believe it's not going to be abused.
So right now, brick-and-mortar stores are trying to figure out ways to get all of us to share more and more personal details through our mobile devices as we shop.

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online marketing strategy

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s aligned with and draws guidelines from the >> online brand strategy.

The online marketing strategy starts when a web site is being planned and requires constant monitoring of the web site when launched. Management of the site to generate Return Of Investment (ROI) is necessary. The most important part is to put the user central of all your activities.

Knowledge required to handle online marketing strategy professionally
A well thought through online marketing strategy demands thorough understanding of the internet. It requires knowledge of the rules of search engines, restrictions, possibilities and costs of the technical aspects and understanding of programming possibilities of web site development. How to deal with a web site based on a >> Content Management System (CMS) for example is of high importance, because it demands a professional approach. It also requires to know about branding as well as being able to evaluate the >> User Tracking and Web Analytics results. A CMS can cause a web site to loose rapidly on quality after a successful launch because images are not properly resized simply because the knowledge is missing and rules of formatting the content properly are ignored.

Applying marketing strategy online
The achievement having a web site that is truly successful is based on the proper online marketing, lots of continuous technical improvement, evaluation of stats and a solid support for your users and customers.

After the launch of a web site it must be managed. This reads: monitored and constantly improved and adjusted to the market needs and user demands. Continuous improvement, within the web sites' >> brand strategy, in combination with online advertisement is applied.

Search engine optimization based on >> real-time insights into your users' behavior also used to measure the response of online campaigns and the feel good factor of how they experience the site are the most powerful tools a successful online marketer has, to apply the marketing strategy effectively.

We offer you our support

Content service
Updating of content
Publishing of articles
RSS feeds
Implementation of presentations
Implementation of podcasts
Implementation of help files
Implementation of Polls
Implementation of Surveys
Implementation of Tests
Implementation of new pages

Advertisement online
Best suited web sites for your banner campaigns are selected
Viral campaigns
Managing Google AdWords campaigns
Processing mailing lists
Articles published on web sites sharing the same target group to generate targeted traffic

Search engine optimization service
Web site submission to major search engines
Processing manual submissions to web directories
We handle link building
Managing and monitoring of links
Work the code to achieve best possible ranking
Prevent loss of ranking
Report delivery
Search engine ranking report
Link exchange report
Competition analysis report
Complete list of all activities

User tracking and web analytics
Monitoring of web site traffic
Analysis of used keywords
Analysis of click through rate
Analysis of click paths
Analysis of Bounce rate
Visual Orange analyzes the results of campaigns

Graphical Design
Flash presentations
Banner design
Interactive banners
All graphical work
Design of new pages
Design of help files
Design of landing pages


internet branding - online corporate brand image

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We offer firms the development of web applications true to the corporate brand image and branding for the Internet. Visual Orange covers all required activities, to target successfully the global audience and to conduct business worldwide on the web. The >> branding services we offer, consider all your major fields of brand communication, when taking you online.

How to conduct branding on the Internet and online marketing properly and how to avoid pitfalls, is presented throughout the site. Visual Orange proved to be a source of information for students, studying marketing and practicing marketers, this is why we took our site one step further, re-structured the Visual Orange web site and re-designed it, to provide the content people were attracted to and which supports them most. Our field of expertise is the Internet and specifically internet branding applied during development and web site design for small and medium sized companies.

Each person that plans to have a web site to present the company loyal to the corporate brand image online and is interested in how to get the most out of a site that the business can benefit from it, is now able to access detailed information about what is required and what needs to be done. Misconceptions rule when the online presence is on focus. Going online means work there is no system which makes money for you without proper investment or maintenance and online marketing.

What is really important and how-to protect a brand online is a controversial theme and when browsing the internet and looking at web sites be it small firms or be it large enterprises, we can see that online branding must be also a confusing one. We hope that we can contribute through sharing knowledge and that you might benefit from it. How to push the site into >> top positions of search engines takes much effort, time and is mostly costly. The internet is a market place and advertisement and promotion is necessary to make a web site profitable. There is no other way or your visitor numbers will stay below expectations.

Branding is focused on creating customer loyalty

All communication channels have to be true to the brands image and have to be aligned with the perspectives of the company and its business goals and additionally cover the needs, wants and expectations of your clients, to be successful.

Corporate branding is the all encompassing parameter of your business and is composed of many elements that are related, yet distinctly different. Branding serves one purpose:
to evoke positive responses of the target group (I like it)
to generate customer loyalty (my brand)
to expand the number of loyal clients
to present the brand consistent throughout all available media channels.
Your >> corporate web site design, presenting you globally, is just as important as the printed material of your firm, in the form of catalogs and brochures or the presentation internally on the intranet. The interior design of your office/store is not less important than the packaging of your products. All this presents and projects your brand image and as such, you will be memorized, classified and recognized by the public, your partners/affiliates and your clientele.

We focus on the establishment of the brand online and by creating an additional value to the brand portfolio. A web site is a corporate asset and can achieve great value if >> web site management is properly executed and >> online marketing strategy is handled with knowledge of the technical aspects of the Internet. Satisfying users' needs, expectations and wants must be given absolute priority.


Seo tutorial

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We have listed some of the most important things and recommendations which are necessary to know when doing SEO for your website.

Meta Name Guidelines
To understand the guidelines of the meta name tags is most important for optimization of your website. Meta names play a major roll to rank well in search engines. The content and title tag is the most important factor when optimizing your website. We try to cover all these different requirements, which is because of its diversity not easy...
» Meta Name Guidelines

Title Tag
The title in the head of your code is the most important element of your website. This is the place, where to put your keywords or search terms. You enter those keywords the users will use, to find your kind of business or services, when searching the web. Also keep in mind that the title is displayed in the left top bar of the browser window and is visible to your visitors...
» Title Tag

Description Tag
The description tag is one of the meta data. This tag has no effect on the ranking of your site in search engines. The search engine will read the description tag of the website and display it under the listing. It's recommended to use descriptive description about the services or products you provide to make the user click on your listing in the search results...
» Description Tag

Keyword Tag
In this section we will talk about the keyword meta tag that you insert into the head of your HTML code. How important is this tag? Most of the consultants in the SEO world say, that it has no impact on ranking results. The cause of this is that many people misused this tag in the past to spam search engines with a large amount of keywords and stuffing them excessively...
» Keyword Tag

All Meta Tags
If you would like to know what kind of neta tags are available you're at the right address. SEO-WATCH is up to date and well informed about what is new and what is old on the Internet. Here we will list only the most important tags which you should have inside your HTML code, this will tell the search engines how to handle your website...
» All Meta Tags

Robots Meta Tags
What are robot meta tags and how do they look like and how can you use it? Webmasters and search engine optimization companies make standard use of this meta tag. The tags help you to tell search engines which pages they should index and which ones not. You can place them were you want in your meta data section...
» Robots Meta Tags

Google Commands
These special commands can help you when doing search engine optimization in Google. Typically these commands modify the search results in some way or even tell Google to do a totally different type of search, for example "link:" is a special Google command, and the query will only show websites that will link to your site...
» Google Commands

Create a Mailform
Below we have listed an example how to create a mailform for your website. You can use it for your contact or any other page you require. It's a really basic one for free which requires 4 files only, easy setup and install...????
» Create a Mailform

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Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended v12.0

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Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended v12.0. Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Extended software is the ultimate solution for advanced digital imaging, delivering all the editing and compositing capabilities of Photoshop CS5 plus breakthrough tools that let you create and edit 3D and motion-based content.
Keep pushing creative boundaries with world-class 2D and 3D design. Use powerful new selection, painting, and warping capabilities to create standout images.

Make your web pages pop
Get just the right look for each client’s site. Easily select intricate image elements for placing in layout. Create 3D artwork for logos and buttons.

Enhance 3D for video
Create and enhance 3D and motion-based content and prepare still images and text for all your projects. Work fast with cross-platform 64-bit support, and create stunning HDR images for video backdrops.

Design cutting-edge looks for interactive web content and experiences. Create 3D artwork, warped graphics, and realistic painting effects for all your projects.


1) Install as trial
2) Disable the phone-home by one of two methods:
- add “” to
- Apply our patch to disable the phone-home code
3) Use our keymaker to generate a serial

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