Monday, April 18, 2011

online marketing strategy


s aligned with and draws guidelines from the >> online brand strategy.

The online marketing strategy starts when a web site is being planned and requires constant monitoring of the web site when launched. Management of the site to generate Return Of Investment (ROI) is necessary. The most important part is to put the user central of all your activities.

Knowledge required to handle online marketing strategy professionally
A well thought through online marketing strategy demands thorough understanding of the internet. It requires knowledge of the rules of search engines, restrictions, possibilities and costs of the technical aspects and understanding of programming possibilities of web site development. How to deal with a web site based on a >> Content Management System (CMS) for example is of high importance, because it demands a professional approach. It also requires to know about branding as well as being able to evaluate the >> User Tracking and Web Analytics results. A CMS can cause a web site to loose rapidly on quality after a successful launch because images are not properly resized simply because the knowledge is missing and rules of formatting the content properly are ignored.

Applying marketing strategy online
The achievement having a web site that is truly successful is based on the proper online marketing, lots of continuous technical improvement, evaluation of stats and a solid support for your users and customers.

After the launch of a web site it must be managed. This reads: monitored and constantly improved and adjusted to the market needs and user demands. Continuous improvement, within the web sites' >> brand strategy, in combination with online advertisement is applied.

Search engine optimization based on >> real-time insights into your users' behavior also used to measure the response of online campaigns and the feel good factor of how they experience the site are the most powerful tools a successful online marketer has, to apply the marketing strategy effectively.

We offer you our support

Content service
Updating of content
Publishing of articles
RSS feeds
Implementation of presentations
Implementation of podcasts
Implementation of help files
Implementation of Polls
Implementation of Surveys
Implementation of Tests
Implementation of new pages

Advertisement online
Best suited web sites for your banner campaigns are selected
Viral campaigns
Managing Google AdWords campaigns
Processing mailing lists
Articles published on web sites sharing the same target group to generate targeted traffic

Search engine optimization service
Web site submission to major search engines
Processing manual submissions to web directories
We handle link building
Managing and monitoring of links
Work the code to achieve best possible ranking
Prevent loss of ranking
Report delivery
Search engine ranking report
Link exchange report
Competition analysis report
Complete list of all activities

User tracking and web analytics
Monitoring of web site traffic
Analysis of used keywords
Analysis of click through rate
Analysis of click paths
Analysis of Bounce rate
Visual Orange analyzes the results of campaigns

Graphical Design
Flash presentations
Banner design
Interactive banners
All graphical work
Design of new pages
Design of help files
Design of landing pages

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