Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wakatobi Resort in Ecotourism Resort Awarded the Best in the World


WARN Earth Day on March 31, 2012, CNNgo travel sites list hotels and inns throughout the world's best ecotourism. Amazingly, Wakatobi Dive Resort in Wakatobi, Indonesia, also included in the list.

The resort is in South Sulawesi was called as a resort with one of the best diving sites around the world, which also continues to focus on issues of marine conservation and community development. "Wakatobi Dive Resort to help the environment around it, preventing the surrounding coral reefs damaged," said Justin Francis, founder responsibletravel, tourist sites are also able to assess how this resort hotel on the list of world's best ecotourism.

"The resort employs 150 local people and creating a program Collaborative Community Based Reef Management, which is made ​​of coral reef sanctuary," said Justin again.

Surrounding villages also receive financial incentives to improve their infrastructure. Other contributions from this resort is for educational and strengthen local support to protect the precious marine life in the region. Currently, the conservation program to protect more than 22 miles of coral reefs in the region.

Any guests staying at this resort can explore an underwater paradise Wakatobi is located just a few minutes from the resort so it did not take long to get there. Also in this resort are rented boat rentals, as well as diving equipment. There are also spa facilities to pamper yourself after a weary dive in the sea.
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