Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hot Political News 2011


1. Polemic Yogyakarta

Starting from the comments related to the monarchy dandemokrasi national leaders, many people read as if the monarchy in Yogya is inconsistent with the constitution in Indonesia. This issue is so hot ball rolling down there and come here. The Government firmly with the option gubernatorial election. Community Yogyakarta (also DPRD) has urged the establishment directly. In fact, Bakrie allegedly intervened to bridge the Sultan and President SBY. Now, the ball is in the hands of Parliament. Draft government has signed and is being deliberated. Public expects this process to lead a happy ending. Win solution for all parties.

2. Political Football

Post-brilliant player, Utina Word, and the Indonesian national team colleagues skyrocketed so superteam and superhero, revered players here and there. Politicians do not want to miss. Indonesia Bakrie invite national team came to his home to eat together. Earlier, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited national team training camp. However, all that changed when Indonesia digasak Malaysia 3-0. Alfred Riedl pointed many offending party. Especially, the media and politicians. Riedl referring to the arrival of Menpora, Andi Mallarangeng, ahead of the game. Riedl strong although not allow them to be disturbed by reason dijenguk. Riedl also complained about the media over exploitation of the national team. Too premature to be appointed national team like this.

3. Wikileaks

Site pembocor diplomatic wire is so headlines in the media world. Wikileaks releases U.S. diplomatic wire and colleagues are classified secret. World community can be read with one click. Diplomatic crisis was inevitable. U.S. diplomacy was stripped by the leaked Wikileaks. In fact, Indonesia is also mentioned. For example, most recently about funding from Freeport to the TNI and Police. Though its founder was arrested, Julian Assange, Wikileaks determined to dismantle. Citing Wikileaks slogan, "We open Government."

4. Myth Number 26

Indonesia according to some people often devastated in the 26th. Call it, the tsunami in Aceh, Wasior, Yogyakarta earthquake, and others. This belief was strengthened when the reference:

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